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Our company is a professional supplier and manufacturer of engraving machine, laser engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, PCB engraving machine,plasma cutting machine, styrofoam processing center, woodworking machining center,small engraving machine, cylinder engraving machine, mold engraving machines, milling machine, etc.

Our product could reach an outstanding performance. It is efficient and stable. Vacuum absorption countertops and cleaning devices are optional. Our product is specially designed for workpieces need two cutting tools work alternatively. Our product can be much faster, more economic and of higher efficiency compared with other engraving machines. The cost in maintenance is also low.

Our product features a high-strength design with dual motor in Y-axis. It provides faster processing, simple maintenance and low failure rate. Industrial grade ball screw is used in Z axis to provide accurate positioning and perfect processing. Our machine could be used with advanced CNC system. You can receive data from U disk or network. With imported servo drive and motor, our product could offer a high processing speed, steady operation and low noise. The high-power spindle also helps to offer a super cutting force, thus it greatly improves the efficiency of our product. Moreover, the imported high-precision linear track could support our machine steadily. Thus the service life of our machine is quite long. Our product also has a good compatibility with various software, such as TYPE3, Artcam, JD, Wentai carving, UG, MasterCAM, PowerMill and other CAD/CAM design software.

Our company adopts ISO9000 quality management system to monitor each stage of production, ensure the stability and accuracy of each component and guarantee the stability, efficiency and accuracy of our products. Our PCB engraving equipment is widely used in woodworking such as furniture, manufacture of musical instruments, wooden crafts, art model, art font characters, logos, carved plate plane, solid wood furniture, art murals, various doors, cabinets, windows, gift packaging, wave plates, electrical appliance and cutting other three-dimensional surface of wood. Our product can also be used to carve various models, like building model, sand table model, launches model, automotive foam model, etc. It can be used in advertising industry to carve acrylic, color plates, PVC, ABS plate, aluminum plate, two-color portrait, three-dimensional billboards, and all kinds of badges, signs, trademarks and so on. Our product is capable to process stone lettering, stone relief, stone carving, stone intaglio, stone line carving, stone cutting, and so on. Moreover, it could be used for PCB engraving and drilling for military and scientific research institutes, R&D centers, colleges, electronics enthusiasts. Our product could process single-sided, double-sided copper clad PCB with aluminum plate or paper substrate.